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What does it mean to be a tester? Solvd engineers answer

Software engineering is a journey. Once the route is approved and the map is drawn, developers do their best to travel these miles fast, never forgetting to visit milestones and finishing at the targeted waypoint. To make the journey safe and help developers to reach the destination, any expedition needs the special component - a QA department.

Obviously, the role of a QA engineer is crucial and requires skills and determination. To get a better understanding of what it means to be a software tester, we turned to the Solvd QA engineers from the Manual Testing department.
August 24, 2020
Alena, who is the perfect QA engineer?

Alena Mamai
Manual QA Engineer
From my point of view - the perfect QA engineer is a person, who is steadily developing himself. Along with fundamental science knowledge, such as math, psychology, sociology, logics, the professional QA engineer should have advanced brainwork and fertile imagination. He must have both overall understanding in the majority of software development stages and in particular processes. It is important to be experienced in manual testing, test automation and, of course, that would be helpful to be acquainted with DevOps basics for confident software deployment. It is a good practice to be aware of business planning and strategies. And last but not least, as in any other sphere, the work should be fun.
Andrew, how software testing affected your life?

Andrew Adamovich
Manual QA Engineer
At some point in my life I got interested in a job as a software tester. It has turned out to be much more than I expected five years ago. This profession helped me to become more attentive, detailed, motivated, responsible, disciplined and self-organized. Being involved in different projects gets me to feel really helpful as I contribute to a common goal. It's pleasant to hear and read great user comments. That's what motivates me to keep working hard and get developed.
Ivan, what does it mean to be a tester for you?

Ivan Bokarev
Manual QA Engineer
Being a software tester means to be a part of a great team, to be able to contribute to the development process and release a product of maximum quality. Steadily developing new skills, upgrading existing ones and that way achieving self-actualization as a specialist.
Kanstantin, what changes software testing brought to your life?

Kanstantin Daroshka
Manual QA Engineer
Working as a software tester has significantly changed the way I see things around me. I became more demanding of myself and my time in general. Along with identifying shortcomings and screw ups in everyday life, I began to fix them so as to work for a high-quality result. This profession perfectly develops critical and logical thinking, improves self-organization and brings up a strong personality!
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