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Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control: Differences, Stats, Benefits [Infographic]

QA and QC are two concepts that non-tech-savvy consumers often confuse. To unveil the nature of those two concepts, we have prepared the infographic.

This infographic aims to explain to you the difference between software quality assurance and quality control, as well as the role of testing. It also gives related statistics and reveals the benefits of software quality management. Scroll on to dive into the matter.

Quality assurance vs. quality control infographic
By Katrine Spirina, Content Manager
December 3, 2021
Quality assurance, quality control, and testing are the components of software quality management that engineers use to select an adequate approach to projects of different complexity.

Your budget spendings on software quality management will unlikely exceed 15%, but the ROI in terms of customer experience, customer loyalty, and churn reduction will be immense. You may save millions on debugging software in the future, provide an excellent user-centered product, and seamlessly grow your audience.