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Software developers share their stories and answer popular questions. Part 2

Developers are those who stand behind any project. But unfortunately, their personalities frequently fly under the radar. We decided to change it. Let's find out what are the stories behind Solvd's developers and ask them some popular questions! This is the second part, so make sure you've checked out the first one.
November 30, 2020
Here is the list of questions the guys were asked:

  1. How did you become a software developer?
  2. What were your favorite school/university subjects?
  3. What do you like about software development?
  4. What is the technology/domain (you've never worked with/in) you want to give a try?
  5. What are the key qualities of a good software developer?
  6. If you could turn back in time give a few recommendations to yourself as a junior developer, what would they be?
  7. Choose one: working remote or from the office?
Let's get it started!

Andrei Barashkau
Backend Developer
Back in 2003, I got a computer with a dial-up modem. That was the first time I went online: I opened a random website and instantly caught myself thinking "How the heck does it all works?!". After saving the website as an HTML page at the local drive I started examining its tags. I got a desire to create my own website. Later I had a project that required a website, then a friend of mine asked me to make one, then somebody heard I was creating sites… And that's how things got rolling. Now it's been 15 years since the day I got paid for my first website and till now I've never stopped doing it. I guess, the profession found me, rather than the reverse. I was just into an absorbing and fun hobby when it suddenly became my job.

I didn't have any favorite subjects. Or maybe I've just forgotten :)

I'm all over everything it involves: discussions, designing, development, releasing, maintenance. I take it as art and enjoy every single stage. Each stage has its challenges, they always bring something new and unknown. Especially I like the moment when a blueprint comes to life and you finally can use it.

Would like to work in the cybersecurity industry.

A good software developer should be stress-resistant, curious, communicative, and last but not least willing to learn. These points may seem cliched, but without them, for me personally, it would probably make it much harder to stay in the profession for more than 10 years.

Listen to as much advice as possible, make your own conclusions, and do as you think best. Have no fear and never give up!

As for me, I prefer both office and remote. Both have their advantages and important for professional growth. But juniors should choose the office for sure.

Alexander Shevchenko
Backend Developer,
Team Lead
I was in it since childhood. I remember myself 15 years old reading a book on Delphi at a summer-house. By that time already I've tried Basic and Pascal, learning from the books I got from my parents' friends.

They were biology and programming languages I liked most at school and at the university respectively.

The thing that appeals to me in development is the way I can express my thoughts through pure abstraction. The machine is honest and doesn't try to outwit or lie as a rule.

Despite I have some experience, I'll specify Java (Backend), C++ (Backend, Frontend), Javascript (React, Angular)

Key software developer's qualities: responsibility, patience, bravery, decisiveness, ability to concentrate, high communication skills.

Juniors! Drop the attitude, learn English, google in English, read source code, dig it deeper, support code with tests only when needed, write documentation (you can hardly overestimate it). Read Code Complete by Steve McConnell.

Remote or office, it depends

Aliaksandr Liashchuk
iOS Developer
When I was a fourth-grade student at the university, I was interested in mobile development and thought of it as my future profession. I was studying native Android development. In the 5th year, during a class one of the lecturers proposed us to undergo pre-graduation practice in a product company. They were looking for iOS developers. After the class, I approached the lecturer and committed to this practice. Later I was interviewed by that company and invited for the practice. Taking all of this into account, my thesis was based on iOS development. While writing the thesis I attended several interviews in order to find a job right after graduating and I got it. From then onward I've been working in Solvd.

Most of all I liked PE and informatics at school. There was plenty of interesting subjects at the university, but the most remarkable are databases and robotics.

Let it be a control over the process and full responsibility for the result.

I'd like to test myself in the High Load of Big Data.

If you want to be a good software developer, then you have to be patient, attentive, and possess analytical thinking.

Being a junior don't be afraid to ask a question :)

Unquestionably, remote. I am working this way since 2016.
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