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Advantageous Business Climate for Software Engineering

Strict law regulations of the IT domain grounds high level of companies' responsibility
June 8, 2018
Strong legal control is the main feature of Belarusian IT legislation, since developing the IT segment is a priority for the country's government.

Special legal regime named Hi-Tech Park emerged in 2006, providing continuous improvement of the legislation concerning the IT domain. All residents have to comply with the range of formal certifications, export-oriented strategy and a high degree of personal development.

Belarus Hi-Tech Park is one of the leaders among innovative IT clusters in Central and Eastern Europe today with 238 residents and a growing amount of full-cycle product companies.

Mature companies with success stories around the world

Belarusian companies are successful on North American and European hi-tech markets. Among the big Belarusian names we can list:
Product companies: Wargaming, Viber, PandaDoc, Maps.ME, Flo, AIMATTER, Banuba Development, WorkFusion.
Service companies: Belhard, EPAM Systems, IBA Group, Intetics, iTransition Group, Oxagile, iTechArt, Solvd, Sam Solutions, SoftClub, SC&, Science Soft.

Today world leading corporations, such as AT&T, BBC, Coca-Cola, Disney, Peugeot, Mitsubishi, British Petroleum, Gazprom, PayPal, Reuters, London Stock Exchange, World Bank, etc. are among major consumers of Belarusian software.

Compliance with quality and security standards (ISO, CMMI)

HTP possesses the most progressive legislation in the country putting customers' benefits to the forefront. While the HTP residents enjoy government support (lower tax rates; certain types of taxes residents are exempted from), they are all obliged to have ISO certifications. Most of the companies are alsoBeing export-oriented, Belarusian IT complies with top data protection measures standards, including GDPR.

Throughout many years, Belarusian IT business has successfully adapted to operate under the US laws. Common business model for Belarusian IT companies is having headquarters in the USA – meaning a company operates under US law and has a full set of liability insurance. Local companies operating under such model acquire a set of typical legal docs: MSA, privacy policy, SLA, etc.

According to Gartner's research of 2016, Belarus is among the nine most attractive locations for Outsourcing, Shared Service & Captives in Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

A big cluster of senior-level IT specialists

Following westerns standards for software engineering, companies have strict requirements for their employees: following industry best practices in software engineering, English level proficiency (B1-B2+), ability to work in client's business hours.

Since the majority of HTP residents are focused on the exports of the IT services, with the US being the main market, they are continuously investing their money into training for their employees – to provide highest class of service possible.

  • Belarus is #1 in overall Google Code Jam rankings first-place showings for more than a decade.
  • Ranks 8th in a world among the countries that produce software professionals (Country Rankings, topcoder).
  • STEM education is equivalent to world's advanced Master degrees in science and technology.
Scalable and stable: Belarusian software market is mature* and possesses sufficient resources for on-demand dynamic expansion.

*Belarusian talents are successfully employed by major companies like Google, Microsoft, Oracle, HTC, Samsung, Facebook, SAP, Viber, Gett, Adobe, Wargaming and many more.